The water heater in your Sugar Land, TX home or business is typically very reliable. We don’t give them a thought until they leak or stop making hot water. We recommend you start educating yourself on all the options available to you today:

  1. Tankless Water Heaters
  2. Conventional Storage Tank Water Heaters
  3. Hybrid Electric Water Heaters
  4. Solar Water Heaters

Do Buy a Cheap Water Heater

This is not some salesman trying to convince you to buy more than you need. Your parents did not have all these options. They just called the plumber in Sugar Land and said bring me a water heater. You can’t make that mistake.
Lower Your Energy Bills With a More Energy Efficient Water Heater
Energy efficiency is more important now and cheap water heaters are going to cost a lot more over to operate than any savings you may see on the purchase price. Your hot water needs have increased. You are always running out, so upgrade to a fast recovery model or a tankless water heater.
Check out the many models fron solid companies like:
  1. GE
  2. Rheem
  3. AO Smith
  4. State Industries
  5. Bradford-White, and many others.
Look at their Energy Star rating. Some have longer warranties than others. Get the best you can possibly afford because you will have to live with the decision for the next twelve to twenty years.

Sugar Land Tankless Water HeatersSugar Land Tankless Water Heater Plumber

Many of your Sugar Land neighbors are asking us to install a tankless water heater by manufacturers like:
  1. Rinnai
  2. Noiritz
  3. Navien
  4. Bosch, and others.